Trip to Dover Street Market

In opening their first US location, Dover Street Market went over the top and then some. The 7 floor maze of high fashion and unique fixtures and art made for an extremely enjoyable shopping experience.


Apparently all DSM’s are known for their cafe downstairs, personally I’d rather cruise down to Bauhaus, needless to say I skipped the grub and went for the clothes.



I went straight for the Supreme installation upstairs, after a few moments browsing I was mobbed (to say the least) by a pack of Asian dudes. Not because they were that I was anybody famous, they were just that excited to look at a small selection of Supreme wear. You better be prepared to throw hands if you wanna go up against an Asian tourist bro needless to say I moved on to the next installment of DSM.



The rest of the shopping excursion was spent mostly admiring the abundance of all over art, unique installations and listening to my brother talk to a particularly fabulous sales clerk. Which also surprised me how nice the staff was in aiding in my experience. If only they could have protected me from swarms of foreign tourists.